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07:58pm 07/10/2009
  Long time , no post! it's because I've been hard at work on our new website/blog


ALSO , we have a contest up where we are giving away dozens of prints . Also , some shirts.

Click here for the details of our contest!

That is where we'll be blogging from from now on.
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IBU400x2 : A Seripop Retrospective opens @ 1026 in Phily this Friday!!   
02:03pm 03/09/2009
  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

IBU400x2 : A Seripop Retrospective
September 4th-25th , 2009
Opening Reception : Friday September 4th 7-10pm
Curated by Greg Pizzoli

Space 1026
1026 Arch St. 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Tell the internet that you are coming here.

Printmaking than be physically punishing work. Back strain , pinched nerves , arthritis , tendonitis , bruising and sheer exhaustion is one of the reasons we are happy to be Canadian and have nationalized health care .

After making some 500 prints in the past 8 years x-rays , cortisone injections , anti-inflammatory and orthopedic braces are routine. But our main ally is ibuprofen . Cheap , portable and bad for the kidneys. It's as essential to our practice as our inks , screens and anti-fatigue mats.

We'll be showing several hundred prints and hopefully selling close to as many. Prints will be for sale opening night from 15$-60$.

Thanks to our friend and peer , Greg Pizzoli , for putting so much time and care into this show. Greg is an artist , printmaker , educator , author and awesome guy . This is the second retrospective he's put on for us.

We got write-ups for the show at OMG Posters! and in the Philadelphia Weekly
Yoko Ono's Blanket   
10:25am 17/08/2009
  Everyone is insisting I had swine flu , but there was no coughing. All I know is I missed our Saturday opening at BALTIC and Hamborghinni didn't perform. I also missed the class , which Yannick had to teach on his lonesome.

Feverish and dizzy , passed out back stage in a cold sweat , Laura Harrington , the exhibition co-ordinator at BALTIC and our minder/babysitter during our stay, mentioned I could sleep in a quieter room , using Yoko Ono's blanket.

So I did. The blanket was light blue , crocheted , probably cotton but maybe a cotton poly blend.

I'm unsure whether it was a) a blanket Yoko Ono brought to BALTIC and left behind , b) a blanket someone at BALTIC bought for Yoko Ono's nap needs or c) some random blanket in the bowles of the BALTIC used by both Yoko Ono and me , Chloe Lum.

Either way I slept hard , for 3 days straight.

The rest of our UK trip was fun and productive. Saw gigs and movies , hung with old friends , met new ones . Went to a pile of galleries and museums. Ate great food . talked about art a TON and got well intimate with the buses/tubes/overground in London.

One of the many highlights was getting together with our new pals at
Heretic in Stoke Newington. We Met Luke kinda randomly about a year and a half ago when he emailed us , saying he was in Montreal , liked our work and wanted to meet us and and see our studio. We became fast friends and kept in touch. Her repaid our hospitality in spades and we got together with him ,
Therese and Jon and banged out a jam print, quick and dirty.
This is for sure our favorite activity while on the road.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Action shot here

I'm now on Twitter . So is Yoko Ono




Rathaus blog did a nice lil shout out to Seripop.
Talkin' Back   
01:09am 05/08/2009
  We got interviewed for the Juxtapoz website. Check it out ::::: Seripop Talkin' Back

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02:05pm 04/08/2009
  A zine (fanzine as they'd say here in the UK) was created to support our show @ BALTIC. They are still giving away free copies of it if you stop by. Today is the last day to see our installation , photos to come.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Here is one of the interviews we did for the zine, this one with John Foster :::::


Author of New Masters of Poster Design John Foster Interviews Seripop

The defining aspect of what excites me in art and design is a solution
and visual attack that I could never conceivably come up with on my
own. The reality is few folks meet that standard. Seripop not only
meet that standard but they blow it completely away. I could never
even begin to analyze how they create the magic that emanates from
their minds. It's just there, before me, in all its magnificent glory.
If you are reading this then it is also within your reach to
experience this glory in person. Give in to the power. Just give in.

Here are a few words to accompany your journey:

JF: How has your work evolved from being a single piece, wheat pasted
to a light pole, to filling galleries?

SP: We started getting the idea from the first posters we were pasting
up in the streets. It just revealed itself as a medium with a lot of
possibilities, but the openness seemed too big to handle at first, and
that's why we spent time crafting our posters and exploring the medium
in its inner qualities until we felt our language was mature enough,
as well as our comprehension of the environment in which the posters
are in was mature enough.

We wanted to comment on posters in the city and the city around them
and everything related to them, but putting up more posters about this
did not seem enough. We had to make the medium talk about itself in a
better way by isolating, and having it become a caricature of itself
in a way.

Our viewing of the changing urban landscape, as well as our
participation in some of those changes, left us with the desire to
comment on those changes by creating full-scale environments that, as
cities and their infrastructures, are inevitably temporary.

JF: How are you hoping this new work will connect with the viewer?

SP: The research is pretty selfish, self-sufficient. The viewer can
decode whatever he wants, and there is enough ambiguity left in the
final product to make this happen. There is a desire of immersing the
viewer while the installations are enveloping the whole space that
they occupy.

JF: More and more I see a playful use of exploiting the dimensionality
in your work – what is pushing this?

SP: I think it just results as a desire to break and explore with the
elements of space, layout and communication. We love doing experiments
with what works and we also love finding out what doesn't - it's all
allowed, as long as it's voluntary. We are interested in exploring our
fixations on cities, urbanism, the ephemeral and how they intersect
with the idea of a public space.

JF: There is also a great deal of skewed repetition, in that shapes
and images repeat again and again but never quite in exactly the same
form. Is that a byproduct of your assembly process or a conscious
decision or both?

SP: It relates to the printing process in a way, what we learned from
it and also all the frustrations that go with it. Want it or not, with
thousands of repetitions, a stencil will slowly degrade or clog up,
need replacement. The printing process stresses the fact that it
creates multiples and images identical to the previous, but, on a
macroscopic level, we all know this is not true. This has marked us
quite a bit, and we cannot escape it as it is a part of the medium.
And we are seeing reference to that in the environment within which
posters exist: Imperfect repetition of streets, of buildings, of
people, of the way posters are placed. There is also a reference in
there with the sacro saint work ethic: repetition of movement will end
up making perfection - we allowed ourselves to question this. What if
repetition creates imperfection? What if perfection is just the result
of erosion, so the polished piece is the degraded version of the
better, fuller rough original?

JF: What are the materials in your constructions and do you see
yourselves incorporating further experimentation in this arena moving

SP: Currently we are using only screen-printed paper put together and
treated in many different ways. We want to explore the medium fully...
it feels like the possibilities are endless. But we are open to ideas
and incorporating other mediums within our work. It all depends of
what we want to talk about. But we will definitely go beyond the
current form of installation, and push other ideas with screen-printed
paper solutions.

JF: How large would you like to build one of your towers of multiple

SP: It depends of the subject matter, and the space that is given to
us to perform in. The towers right now are made of individual diamond-
shaped modules that are roughly 9"x9"x20", placed in rings of 7, and
stacked almost infinitely on top of each other. We can play with them
in any way, and future installations will show this - the towers are
just a form that we are exploring at this moment. The individual
pieces will evolve too, in fact we are seeking to push the physical
qualities of paper as much as is possible with how we can fold these,
put them together and have them react together.

JF: Does the viewer know (and do you want it to be evident) that the
pieces are constructed from multiple smaller pieces?

SP: We don't really care to make the process obvious or not to the
viewer. I would depend on their point of view, in some ways the
construction of the towers could be more obvious than others. We seek
to present an ensemble of work for the installation, and if things are
obviously made some way, well that's part of the aesthetic of our
piece and we want to integrate this into our language - we always had
an affinity with old school formalists and minimalists.

JF: How have you adjusted from making work where multiples and low
costs are the key and you can always hold back one for yourself to
making large one-time installations with the goal being to physically
separate yourselves from the work once it has been created?
(Personally, I always found fine art so difficult because I had to let
the final work leave my hands.)

SP: There was not really any adjustment for us, partly because the
"multiples" work, our posters, well, the ones that really count are
the ones that are in the streets. We fully embraced the ephemeral
nature of it. In fact that was the main attraction, and it's the
aesthetic base of the installation work.

JF: How does your living arrangement inform your work?

SP: We live in a working-class, non-artistic neighborhood. We are
quite anonymous there, and it allows us somehow to "create in secret."
Everyday, we travel to our studio, which is perched on the 12th and
last floor of an industrial building, a bit removed from the rest of
the city (and what a view!) To get there, we have to navigate through
the whole city, observe its changes, see what's going on and comment.
This daily displacement and our physical situation make us anonymous
observers, and we feel privileged by this position - this inspired us
in our work.

JF: In the same vein, how does your musical work inform your visual

SP: Music is more of a parallel aesthetic research with our visual art
stuff. Although music, with its relations and discussions with the
outside world, tends to be much more abstract and arbitrary, to us we
broadly manipulate the medium the same way we do with screen-printing.
We fill the space - we talk about contradictions, opposites - things
clash - dissonance is king. Because that's what thrills us, it's our
environment. We are stressed out all the time.

JF: Your pieces seem to have an aggressive sharpness, even if they are
ultimately soft to the touch that has been evident in the graphic
edges found throughout your two-dimensional work. Did these shapes
just happen organically or take form consciously to create a bit of a
barrier between the physical engagement?

SP: Well, the first intent with the individual pieces that form the
tri-dimensional part of the installation was a practical one: making
the forms take as much volume as possible once assembled, and have
them fit together easily. Since these are printed flat, there are
multiples limitations that pushed us to choose the form we are working
with now. So, it did happen organically, and the result carries some
meaning. It opposes the shapes that are pasted on the walls that are
more often in the organic realm. But the final choice of the form was
a conscious one as well, even if its evolution was not. Because once
assembled, the shape creates repulsion and opposition. It does impose
itself, and the sharp edges recall the aggressive tension there could
be in creation and in being the viewer.

JF: What has the reaction been from the more established art community
to your work? How has the design community reacted to your plunge into
the gallery world – and more importantly, your adjustment in what you
present for that to take place?

SP: We live a life that is often hermetic, and the worlds we do come
into contact with are those overlapping worlds of DIY art and DIY
music. As far as the more mainstream art community or design
community, we are so off in our own little world that we are not
really aware of what they think of us - if they even think of us at all.

While it's true we are starting to show the installations in pretty
respected galleries and contemporary art centers and they seem to get
a pretty positive response from the viewer, we are also new enough to
working this way, that there hasn't been much critical feedback yet.

JF: Will you be getting special haircuts for the opening?

SP: Yes: Yannick a beehive and Chloe a comb-over.

John Foster is the author of New Masters of Poster Design, For Sale:
Over 200 Innovative Solutions in Packaging Design, Dirty Fingernails,
Maximum Page Design and an upcoming monograph for Sub Pop Records.

Seripop are... well... seven sides of awesome.


This publication was funded by the Quebec Government in London.
Dinner Is Served!   
02:24pm 16/07/2009
  I posted the work in progress pics of these new art prints here and here .

Each Print is a 4 colour screenprint , stamped and numbered.

We did something a lil' different and made each set in 2 sizes.
The large ones are 32" x 20" and cost 75$ (USD) postpaid each , or 300$ for all 5.

Buy the large set::

The small ones are 5" x 8" are cost 15$ (USD) , postpaid each , or 50$ for all 5.

Buy the Small set:::

If you would like to purchase the prints individually , you can paypal us at info ((at)) seripop ((dot)) com with the numbers of the prints you want in the note.

Portrait no 1:

seripop portrait no.1

Portrait no 2:

seripop portrait no 2

Portrait no 3:

seripop portrait no 3

Portrait no 4:

seripop portrait no 4

Portrait no 5:

seripop portrait no5


We're flying to London tomorrow , so much to do!!
Fraternal Twins   
11:26am 11/07/2009
  A few process shot from our 2 latest gigposters. We printed them 2 up.
7 colour screenprints.







Missing a few steps on the photos cause I got too tired..

Here's the final result:

seripop - weekend in the pines

This was last weekend and was super awesome. Bill Nace is my new guitar god!


seripop - wet hair

This is tonight and is gonna be the JAM.


WET HAIR (Iowa - ex-Raccoo-oo-oon)

THE PINK NOISE (Montreal - Sacred Bones / Almost Ready Records)


ECT (Halifax - ex-Be Bad/Gilbert Switzer)

@ Friendship Cove (215a Murray)

$5 - $10 - PAY WHAT YOU CAN

NOTE: This show was originally planned to feature DEAD LUKE (Madison, WI) but problems with obtaining a passport forced him to cancel appearances in Montreal and Toronto.

See you jammers @ the gig , these bands all rule!
Behind The Scenes::::: Portraits Part 2:   
12:02pm 10/07/2009
  Some more *exciting* process shots of our new art print series coming together:::

Portrait no : 3:

seripop portrait wip

I'm big , you're small:






Portrait no 4:




Portrait no. 5::




Tests and discards about to be thrown in the dumpster::
12:10pm 09/07/2009
  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Pics from our No Henge show in Montreal @ Emporium Gallery.

More on the way.
Next stop , Gateshead.. Then Brooklyn, Toronto and Paris in 2010.


new prints for sale
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Another Reason Why Opening Night Is Where It's At   
10:33pm 07/07/2009
  If you missed opening night for "No Henge" , you didn't get to see me in the dress Jasa Baka of Parlour Treats made for me.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Wednesday is your last chance to get in touch with the fine folks at Emporium Gallery to make a rendez-vous to see the show.
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Behind The Scenes::::: Portraits Part 1:   
02:31pm 07/07/2009
  Here we are , hard at work on our new art print series:::::

Portrait no 1::






Portrait no 2::







The best black ever::



nice lil' write up on "No Henge"
Scenes From The Die   
01:05am 07/07/2009
Natural Habitat   
11:04am 06/07/2009
  I took a few pics the other week of posters in their natural habitat here in Montreal.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Not sure who did this one but I love it!)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(By Popolo Press)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Popolo Press again)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(by Mike Deforge )

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(I *think* this is another pp but I'm not sure)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(Popolo encore)


Montrealers with taste may be happy to know we just dropped a whole new + old batch of prints and a book @ the Drawn & Quarterly store, a place that is very dangerous to our wallets. I think it's one of my favorite things in town.
Henging Our Bets   
10:00pm 05/07/2009
  Opening night for No Henge went off without a hitch , the crew came out and we led them around the room sipping energy drinks and exchanging high fives.

Opening night , especially hometown opening night , is like a wedding or graduation or something for us. It's that big event that we want all the people we like to be there to witness. So thanks to everyone who came out and made the night more interesting.

Our studiomate Alice Phieu took a few behind the scenes shots of us prepping the sculpture at the studio , in between her helping me score and fold. ::::









Anyone who missed opening night can contact Emporium Gallery to make an appointment for viewing Monday , Tuesday or Wednesday.

prints for sale here.
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Attention 100 Sided Die Shoppers:::   
10:13am 27/06/2009
  Please come to this!

The 100 Sided Die Studio Co-Op now has a small store that will be open one day a month. We'll be selling work by our members and friends at very reasonable prices. The first shopping Spree will be this Saturday!

The 100 Sided Die is a self-funded and artist run co-operative & registered non- profit studio space , established in 2004. Currently the 100 sided die is the work space of 24 artists , musicians , and designers.

Saturday, June 27th
5334 DeGaspe--- rm 1202 (12 floor)

Posters , Drawings , Paintings , Tshirts , Badges , Weird Clothing , Tapes , Art prints , Records , Books , Zines , Toys , Art Objects , CDs By::::: Just Seeds Collective , Seripop , Jacinthe Loranger , Jesse Purcell , Jasa Baka aka Parlour Treats , Nomn Ryn, Alice Phieu , Felix Morel , Walter Scott , Psychic Handshake Recordings , Lisa Czech, The Unireverse , Panopticon Eyelid, AIDS Wolf+++++++

We need a name for the store , anyone who comes up with somerthing we can use will get a Seripop grab-bag.

In other news , this art show is kicking our butts , we're printing so much that we're constantly inky and have no time for anything else. SLEEPY , VERY.
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NO HENGE : We're Having Our First Hometown Solo Show!   
06:06pm 18/06/2009
  no flyer

no flyer back

(Of course the flyers are screenprinted! 4 colours on the front , 5 on the back 6" x 4". These will be ALLL over town. I'll also be sticking em in all our mailorder tubes.)

Come party with us! We'll have a whole new series of art prints for sale.

Seripop's No Henge exhibition will open at the Emporium Gallery (3035 St. Antoine Ouest #74) on Thursday, July 2nd from 7PM-11PM. The exhibition will also be open on Saturday, July 4th and Sunday, July 5th from 12PM-5PM. Private viewings will be available thereafter by appointment from Monday, July 6th to Wednesday, July 8th.

About No Henge
Seripop is a Montreal-based, award winning creative duo that is internationally recognized for its stylistically distinct street posters and sculptural print installations. No Henge, their first solo exhibition in Montreal (and first Canadian exhibition in almost 2 years), elaborates on Seripop's penchant for psychedelic exuberance through an immersive, silkscreen-based kaleidoscopic take over of the Emporium Gallery. No surface will be left bare so be prepared for the onslaught.

Artist Statement
In 2005 Seripop started experimenting with sculptural print installations. The installations are aesthetically informed by poster making and comprise of large totem-like folded origami structures that look both like buildings and meat grinders. These sculptures and environments around them are made with screenprinted stock that is folded or pasted in overlapping layers on the gallery walls and floors, much like the layers of posters that accumulate on city walls.

Ultimately, the installations are abstracted visual comments on the relations between urban landscape and design, graphic design, the evolution of form within fine arts and the urban person. This is made by the use of imaginary 'logotypes' and forms evocating the urban environment, art and design history and clichés. Screenprinting on paper is a medium that is
historically associated with these subjects; its flexibility allows the dimensions necessary for the installations to put the viewer in context.

About Seripop
Formed in 2002, Seripop is the nom de guerre of Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau, the award-winning creative duo behind Seripop. Based in Montreal, Seripop has earned international attention for its stylistically distinct, silkscreened street posters which have been featured in notable books such as 'New Vintage Type', 'New Masters of Poster Design' and 'Print Liberation: The Screen Printing Primer' among many others. In 2005, Seripop began experimenting with sculptural print installations which led to Seripop having solo exhibitions at Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen, Scotland, Bongout Gallery in Berlin, Germany and Spedition in Bremen, Germany. They have also exhibited at the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft in Louisville, Kentucky and are preparing for an exhibition at
BALTIC Center for Contemporary Arts in Gateshead, England. In addition to Seripop, Lum and Desranleau play in AIDS Wolf, a noise-rock band and Hamborghinni, a drums and electronics project.

*Presented by the Emporium Gallery, Switzerland and Bierbrier.


Another lil' Seripop feature re: our show @ BALTIC .
Huge Congrats To Fucked Up & Handsome Furs   
10:36am 18/06/2009
  We're totally psyched to find out that BOTH of the Canadian bands we are doing merch for via Soundscreen Design , Handsome Furs & Fucked Up , have been nominated for the Polaris Music Prize.
Go for a win guys!

Check out the designs here.

Lil' Seripop profile on the Soundscreen blog.


Also , we need some volunteers in the next 2 weeks here in Montreal to help us in the studio and setting up our gallery show. We have no money but you can get fed , snag a fw prints and maybe learn something.
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Pizza Party!!   
12:46pm 17/06/2009
  pizza party

Birthday print for Peacock's 35th anniversary.
Edition 100. Dimensions: 22" x 30"
3 Colour Screenprint
Edition of 100
55$ , postpaid.

We just got a giant box of prints back from Aberdeen and now have some of theses weird babies for sale. You can see us hard at work , in the cold and damp , getting 'em made here and here . We only have a few , so act fast if you want one!


Funny but sad reality of art-service transactions.

Yeah , We're Naive   
02:03am 15/06/2009
  naive graphics

So we're featured in yet another book , this one is called Naive: Modernism and Folklore in Contemporary Graphic Design . Our Shelves are caving in , i'm surprised we're not being buried in books yet. All I know is next time we move it's going to suck.


we've got some posters for sale here , buy some , you'll like it.
Back to the UK   
11:06am 12/06/2009
  Check it out , we're doing a show , a residency and teaching a class! A few other lecture and workshops in the UK TBA , to book us , get in touch.


seripop @ the baltic

A weekend of printmaking, illustration and live music
Friday 31 July – Sunday 2 August
Level 1 Performance Space and Cinema

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art presents a three day event with Canadian art duo, Seripop from Friday 31 July to Sunday 2 August 2009. Seripop artists Chloe Lum and Yannick Desranleau have joined forces with guest curator Sophie Brown to bring a weekend of design, print, illustrations and live music to BALTIC.

Seripop’s installation of two and three dimensional psychedelic screen prints and
illustrations will be housed in BALTIC’s Level 1 Performance Space, creating a unique
environment for performances from 10 live music bands over two nights, including Lum
and Desranleau’s very own band Hamborghinni. The live music will come from the
likes of Cleckhuddersfax, drawing influences from the weirdest corners of punk, prog,
synth pop and disco to create a unique sound which mixes up experiment and fun in equal measures; Beards from Leeds who dress in homemade costumes and face paint making a theatrical performance; Birmingham based Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler aka juneau brothers, who sing and play handmade electronic sculptural instruments inspired by folk history and Newcastle based modern folk trio Les Cox (sportifs).


Spin Spin the Dogs
juneau brothers
Les Cox (sportifs)
A Middle Sex
Blood Oracles

Hamborghinni (Lum & Desranleau)
Roseanne Barrr

Tickets for both gigs can now be purchased in advance in person from BALTIC Shop or
online from:
Friday 31 July and Saturday 1 August 2009, Doors: 7.30pm
Price: £8.00 / £6.00 (Cons) + 10% booking fee
Tickets are available from
www.wegottickets.com <http://www.wegottickets.com>

Seripop are driven by a DIY underground music scene and create posters and artwork for their own band AIDS Wolf and other musicians. From this they have spearheaded an exciting independent art scene, which is more familiar outside of traditional gallery spaces.
Seripop are concerned with experimenting with surrealist imagery on their own terms
instead of creating commercial artwork. In despite of this their prints and designs have become very collectable and these young artists are forming a vibrant and successful international scene.

In addition to the live music programme Seripop’s installation will be free to view during gallery hours on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 August and will be accompanied by a free film programme which will be shown in the adjacent cinema.

A free fanzine for the event has been created by ‘zine makers Ricochet! Ricochet! and
Craft Club and will be available alongside other Seripop merchandise and silkscreened
posters from a fanzine distro stall located on Level 1 for the entire weekend. It will also offer works from North East fanzine makers with an opportunity to buy prints from the best of current UK screenprinters.

BALTIC Shop will also be selling Seripop prints and associated merchandise, with
products also available to buy online here .

Monday 3 and Tuesday 4 August 2009

BALTIC has joined forces with
Northern Print Biennale to offer even more Seripop events. Northern Print Biennale is a major international event for contemporary printmaking taking place across Newcastle upon Tyne; as part of the Biennale, Seripop will be resident at Northern Print creating a new screen print, which will be available to buy from BALTIC Shop. On Monday 3 August, Seripop will host a basic screen printing workshop for 6 people (suitable for age 14+) at Northern Print priced at £10.00 per person and on Tuesday 4 August at 6.15pm they will host a FREE talk about their
work at BALTIC.

Monday 3 August, 10.00am – 4.00pm
Priced: £10.00

Tuesday 4 August, 6.15pm
Price: FREE

To book for both events please contact:
E: learning@balticmill.com or T: 0191 440 4919

For further information please contact:
Ann Cooper, Media Officer T: 0191 440 4915 E: annc@balticmill.com
Nikki Johnson, Communications Assistant T: 0191 440 4912 E: nikkij@balticmill.com

Seripop are Yannick Desranleau and Chloe Lum. They live in Montreal, Canada and
work from the cooperative studio One Hundred Sided Die. Originally working in video
and performance, they started making handmade posters for their own band AIDS Wolf
in 2001 and soon were making posters for the majority of bands in the DIY, Punk, Noise,
Art Rock scene such as Lightning Bolt, USA is a Monster, TV on the Radio, XBXRX,
and Black Dice. Recently they have been creating large installations with their prints and
folded paper sculptures to transform a space where they wish to immerse the viewer in
their colourfully, distorted and saturated world.

Sophie Brown is a freelance curator and promoter based in London. Ensconced in the
DIY music scene, she has previously presented exhibitions at Three Colts Gallery,
Whitechapel Project Space and Oslo’s Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter concerned with the
meeting point between music, performance and art.

Initiated by Northern Print in partnership with Culture10, Northern Print Biennale is the
first major competition and exhibition of contemporary printmaking in the UK for almost
20 years. Newcastle Gateshead will celebrate contemporary and historical printmaking
through a broad programme of exhibitions and events. 26 June to 4 October 2009. For
further details visit www.northernprint.org.uk <http://www.northernprint.org.uk>

BALTIC is a major international centre for contemporary art situated on the south bank
of the River Tyne in Gateshead, England. BALTIC presents a constantly changing,
distinctive and ambitious programme of exhibitions and events, and is a world leader in
the presentation, commissioning and communication of contemporary visual art.
BALTIC has welcomed over 3 million visitors, since opening to the public in July 2002.

seripop seripop seripop seripop seripop posters screenprint collectable chloe lum yannick desranleau

On the facebook:
Add yourself , invite your chums.


Check it out dept::: Our former intern and newest studio-mate , Alice Phieu has been posting some lovely photos of the !00 Sided Die on her blog .
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